Do I Take My Clothes Off?

For a full body relaxation massage, most people undress completely (underwear is worn at your discretion). Your privacy is respected at all times as you are warmly covered with a clean sheet; only the area being massaged is exposed. Most types of bodywork, including Swedish Massage, needs the use of oils to lubricate the skin and allow for easier application of certain strokes. This is best done without clothes worn.

If your therapist is treating a particular part of your body for injury reasons, you may be asked to remove the clothing only pertaining to that area. Also, certain types of body work, such as Foot Reflexology, Energy Work and others, may never require clothes removal.

Check with your therapist first to find out what type of massage is offered and to make your preferences known. The most effective treatment can then be determined for you.

Will My Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

Massage is becoming more and more recognized as a valid modality to use in treatment of soft tissue injury. As this acceptance continues to broaden, more private insurance companies will pay for massage when there is a medical need. Check with your individual carrier to see if massage is available to you. Please note, in most cases relaxation massage is not covered by insurance.

How Long Does A Massage Last And What Is The Cost?

A session can last anywhere from ½ hour to 2 hours based on need and modality style. The cost varies highly depending on where you live and what style of massage you are receiving.

What Type Of Training Is Required?

Currently, massage therapists are not federally regulated. This means every state sets up its own laws regarding training and education. Generally speaking if your state licenses Massage then your therapist has had in depth training in Anatomy/Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology and Treatment, Hydrotherapy, Treatment of Injuries, general Swedish Massage techniques and training in various other styles of Massage. To obtain a massage license one must then pass a rigorous state or national exam. Check with your therapist to find out his /her training and experience.