Massage Therapy for Women

massage for womenWomen know that massage therapy helps reduce pain and improve relaxation. Massage for women also provides relief for a multitude of specific health concerns.

Massage therapy is has been shown to improve flexibility and range of motion, strengthen the immune system and relieve headaches and migraines in women. Researchers have found that massage therapy decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms while increasing serotonin levels in adults with migraine headaches.

There are numerous benefits from prenatal massage for women that are pregnant. Massage therapy during pregnancy may lower anxiety, decrease back and leg pain, improve sleep quality, and decrease levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine. Women that receive prenatal massage therapy increased levels of the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, decreased levels of cortisol (an indicator of stress) and resulted in an overall improvement in mood.

Massage Therapy for Men

massage for menFor too many men WORK, EAT, SLEEP is what your daily routine boils down to. Have you noticed that, this kind of schedule can have adverse effects on your body. Did you know that untreated stress, tense muscles and even a lack of relaxation can wear the male body down mentally and physically. Fortunately, these symptoms of time-constraints can be eased with even a single massage session. 

Did you know that  one 60-minute hand-and-foot massage can significantly lowered men’s heart rates, cortisol levels and insulin levels-all of which help lower stress. Massage therapy can also help alleviate stress and tension, but it’s also has been shown to relieve neck and back pain, reduce heart rate and high blood pressure and improve athletic performance in men.  In 2009 a study in the Clinical Journal of Pain said people with chronic neck pain reported a 55% improvement after a neck massage a week for ten weeks. Men who suffer from persistent back pain have found that common massage techniques can help you relax and trigger an endorphin release that raises your threshold for pain.